EBS Classic Session 60 MK2 Bass Combo

Kompakt men ändå kraftfull basförstärkare, combo med 1x10" element och 2" HF driver. Populär som lyxig övningsförstärkare hemma, men även för de mindre gigen. XLR-utgång för enkel koppling till extern ljudanläggning, hörlursutgång och AUX in om du vill spela med dina favoritlåtar. Tiltback kabinett, för bättre lyssning om du sitter nära förstärkaren.
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3499 kr
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  • Configuration 1x 10" + 2"
  • Frequency Response 60 - 18k Hz
  • Power Rating 60 W RMS
  • Height 38 cm
  • Width 36.5 cm
  • Depth 34 cm
  • Weight 13.4 kg
Great tools to play with
No matter if it is a pedal, an amp or an affordable combo like the EBS Session combos, EBS equipment are made as tools for serious musicians to play with, not toys.

When it comes to the Session combo series, they are excellent tools to help you grow as a bass player. The honest and natural sound reveal the things you need to work on. It also reward the progress as you grow your skills.  

The Session combos are equipped with useful features like; 
pro quality and powerful EQ controls to shape your sound,
an input for music to play along to,
headphones output for late night practice, and
a great XLR-output that you can easily plug into your recording device or use as DI to front-of-house at the gig.

Choose between three different models depending on your needs. The Session 30 makes perfect for backstage warm-up and practice at home, the Session 60 handles your wedding or church gigs as well, while the Session 120 serve you at most club size gigs.
All three are equipped with the great XLR-output that extends the capability of these combos whenever there’s a proper PA system at hand to gig sizes that they are not originally intended to handle.

PS. The Mark II models are upgraded with new, more powerful (and lighter) speakers as well as front cloths with better airflow that doesn’t muffle the sound.
Not just for bass! The Session combos offers a very competitive alternative for Jazz and Acoustic Guitarists and Harmonica players looking for an amp as well. Unintentionally, it seems that especially the EBS Session 60 turn out to be 'absolutely amazing' for Jazz guitar, as well as harmonica - according to customer feedback!