Expressive E Touche

Helt ny och unik produkt som ger helt nya möjligheter för dig att påverka ditt sound. Touché är en kontroller med USB, CV och Midi där du kan styra valfri både mjukvara och hårdvarusynth. Tappa, glid och styr den för att kontrollera olika funktioner. Denna större modellen behöver inte vara kopplad till dator utan funkar standlone till exempelvis Moog, Arturia, Korg och andra tillverkare.

Touché unlocks incredible new sound design possibilities in all your favourite software and hardware instruments. Our patented control surface features unmatched sensitivity, translating the a subtlest gesture into rich MIDI, CV and USB control data. Combine multiple axes of movement and create a symphony of sound sculpture. All it takes is a touch of your hand. Prepare to discover what your favourite instruments are truly capable of.
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  • USB Powered
  • Dimensions:  246 x 100 x 62 mm
  • Axes of movement: 4 axes of movement (Push Top Down, Push Bottom Down, Shift Left, Shift Right) with customizable sensitivity
  • Software Bundle: Lié: macOS 10.10 to 10.14 / Windows 10, VST / AU format, hosts VST instruments only, check Lié's compatibility here
  • Sounds & Preset for plugin: Over 200 professionally designed sounds included, fully mapped and ready to play
  • Over 200 presets for popular VST software synthesizers included (third-party VST plug-in instruments not included)
  • Preset & templates for hardware: Template presets for over 80 hardware synthesizers. Over 200 pre-mapped presets a selection of hardware synthesizers
  • Midi IN: Midi In 1/8" (3.5mm) jack socket
  • Midi Out: MIDI OUT 1/8" (3.5mm) jack socket
  • CV: 4 x 1/8" (3.5mm), up to -10V to 10V.
  • Internal Storage: Up to 24 hardware presets
  • Touch Plate: Mahogany
  • Accessories provided: 1x Nylon Braided USB Cable, 2x MIDI break-out cable (jack to DIN), 1x Ground Loop Adapter
patented hardware
A beautifully engineered hardware instrument, able to translate anything from the softest touch to the roughest rhythms, with pinpoint precision.

totally compatible
Touché is compatible with virtually any synthesizer thanks to its built-in CV, MIDI and USB outputs. Embedded memory even lets you control hardware synths without a computer connected.

the soft touch
Touché can unlock the expressive capability of all your favorite third-party software instruments too. Pre-made mappings for all best-selling VST instruments, as well as hardware instruments, are included.

sounds included
Touché ships with UVI Workstation software included, providing over 200 custom-designed instrument sounds pre-mapped to take full advantage of the expressive power of Touché. You’ll be making music right out of the box.

The Cylinder is the core of our technology. It is what makes our products have an enjoyable instrumental feeling when playing them, and its extreme reliance allows us to convert the smallest move, the slightest vibration into exploitable data.
Changing the Slider position will adjust the lateral stiffness of the mechanism. Placing the Slider on the bottom position will decrease the resistance when moving the touch-plate sideways, leading to a springy behaviour and higher sensitivity. By placing the Slider on the upper position, it will tighten the mechanism and thus increase control and precision.

You can adjust the sensibility of the top and bottom pressure sensors by turning the Encoder. A high sensitivity is often suitable for percussive playing, while progressive and precise movements which demand more control may need a lower sensitivity.

no computer required
Touché can operate completely standalone, controlling MIDI and CV hardware without a computer connected. Pre-prepare your perfect control mappings and select and recall them live onstage - Touché is the perfect companion for adding expression to your live rig.
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