Line6 Catalyst 200 i gruppen Stränginstrument / Förstärkare / Elgitarr hos Musikanten i Umeå AB (1-GCATALYST200EU)
Line6 Catalyst 200
Line6 Catalyst 200
Line6 Catalyst 200
Line6 Catalyst 200

Line6 Catalyst 200

Nya Catalyst serien från Line6, enkel och intiutiv att ställa in med kontroller precis som en traditionell förstärkare men med kraften och ljudet från Line6 HX modelingteknik. Finns i tre olika storlekar som täcker in alla behov från övningförstärkare i hemmet till kraftfull rigg på giget eller i replokalen.
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Line 6
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  • 200-watt, dual-channel 1x12 combo amp (with optional LFS2 footswitch)
  • Catalyst 200 operates like a traditional amp—but provides increased versatility
  • 6 Original Amp Designs—pristine clean to modern high-gain
  • Dedicated Boost and Reverb sections (6 reverb types), 18 Effects (3 types)
  • Power attenuator (half power, 0.5 watts, Mute) for reduced volume
  • XLR line output for pro connection to P.A. or recording devices
  • Effects loop and Power Amp input for integrating external devices
  • MIDI In via USB
  • 4-channel audio interface, MIDI, and Mac®/iOS®/PC/Android connectivity via USB
  • Free Catalyst Edit app for desktop and mobile devices
CatalystTM200 is a dual-channel 2x12 combo amplifier that performslike a traditional guitar amp—while providing the increased versatilityof a modern amp. Theflagship of the Catalyst familyof three guitar amplifiers, the 200-watt Catalyst 200 is capable of holding its own on nearly any stage,while also sportingstudio-friendly featuressuch as a USB audio interface. The Catalyst 200amplifieroffers six Original Amp Designs—ranging from pristine clean to modern high-gain—crafted using our renowned HX®sound design techniques to ensure exceptional tone and feel. This powerful and sturdily constructed combo is equally suited for stage or studio use, and features an XLR line output and a 4-channel USB recording interface. Also included is a Boost circuit customized for each amp type, a dedicated Reverb section with six reverb types, 18 additional effects, an effects loop, a Power Amp input for using Catalyst 200 as a powered speaker, MIDI In (via DINconnectoror USB), and power attenuation options for playing at any volume. The free Catalyst Edit app for desktop and mobile devices provides deep editing capabilities. Add an optional LFS2 footswitch for even more flexibility, and an optional cover to protect your combo.

Typ av förstärkare: Combo


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