Yamaha P-515 Digitalpiano - Svart i gruppen Klaviatur / Digitalpiano hos Musikanten i Umeå AB (1-P515B)
Yamaha P-515 Digitalpiano - Svart
Yamaha P-515 Digitalpiano - Svart
Yamaha P-515 Digitalpiano - Svart

Yamaha P-515 Digitalpiano - Svart

Nytt piano från Yamaha med samplingar från både Yamaha CFX och Bösendorfer Imperial flyglar. Stort bibliotek med över 500 ljud, ett helt nytt klaviatur som kallas "Natural Wood X" som är byggd för samma känsla som klaviaturet på ett akustiskt piano. Koppla upp pianot mot din iPad och använd Smart Pianist appen för att finjustera pianoljudet in i minsta detalj.
Artnr: 1-P515B
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18990 kr
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  • Enhanced Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
  • Keyboard: NWX (Natural Wood X) keyboard: wooden keys (white only), synthetic ebony and ivory keytops, escapement
  • Customising the Sound and the Touch Response of Piano Voices (Piano Room)
  • Piano sound: Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial, CFX Binaural Sampling
  • Bluetooth audio for wireless listening
  • Polyphony (max): 256
  • Number of voices: 40 Voices + 18 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices 
  • Reverb: 6
  • Chorus: 3
  • Dual/layers: Yes
  • Split: Yes
  • Duo: Yes
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Rhytms: 40
  • Headphones: Standard stereo phone jack (x 2)
  • Midi: In/Out
  • AUX in: Stereo mini jack
  • AUX Out: [L/L+R][R]
  • USB to device: Yes
  • USB to host: Yes
  • Amplifier: (15 W + 5 W) x 2
  • Included accessories: Music Rest, FC4A Sustain pedal
  • Audio recording: 80 minutes/Song
  • Preset Songs: 21 Voice Demo Songs + 50 Classics
  • Bredd 1336 mm
  • Höjd 145 mm
  • Djup 376 mm
  • Vikt 22 kg

P-515 features two advanced technologies that allow you to enjoy exceptionally realistic, natural sound, even when listening through headphones:

Binaural Sampling and Stereophonic Optimizer

The NWX keyboard found in P-515 features white keys made from only the best quality wood and topped with synthetic ivory. The black keys are finished in textured synthetic ebony. Furthermore, this keyboard features the true feel of the escapement mechanism found in a grand piano which the hammers away from the strings quickly after they strike them, in order to prevent any interference with string vibration.

P-515 is able to calculate the various states of the strings for each of the 88 notes of concert grand from one instant to the next. Enhanced VRM also calculates aliquot resonance in the upper octaves, and the full resonance of the soundboard, rim, and frame. This technology allows for vivid, bright, richly – varied expression that reflects the limitless number of factors inherent in piano performance.

Aliquot is a stringing method for pianos that uses extra, un-struck strings in the upper octaves to enhance the tone. These strings sympathetically vibrate with other strings in an acoustic piano, resonating with overtones, and adding richness, brilliance and complex colour to the sound. Since they do not have a damper, they will continue sounding even after you release your hands from the keyboard.

P-515 features 15w + 5w amplifiers along with 2 way speaker system which provides an immersive, authentic piano experience with astonishing clarity.

P-515 also features a Twisted Flare Bass Port, Yamaha's technology that offers a clear and precise bass sound. The flared and gently twisted shape evenly diffuses the air flow through the port. Compared to a conventional port, the Twisted Flare Port reduces air turbulence noise, resulting in clear and accurate low frequency reproduction.

The Piano Room function is for those who want to simply, conveniently, and fully enjoy playing the instrument as a piano. No matter what settings for Voice etc. you've made, you can instantly call up the optimum settings for piano performance with a single button press. Try creating a custom piano sound by adjusting the various parameters such as lid position, string resonance, damper resonance, touch response and so on.

In addition to Piano Room, applying on board effects such as reverb, chorus and various effects gives you greater and richer expressive capability.

The P-515 comes complete with forty different and simple rhythm patterns (drums and bass accompaniment) that are perfectly suited to many types of music , letting you spice up your performance with some backing musicians, make practice more interesting, or open up your creative flow with inspiring new ideas.

Our "Smart Pianist"app allows you to control the many functions included in Yamaha digital pianos with your iOS device. Voices, rhythms and other settings can be selected right from the touch screen, making it even easier to get what you want from your P-515. You can also save your favorite settings for quick recall at any time. Smart Pianist can even access the songs in your iOS device's music library and create a chord chart for you, so you can play along with recordings of your personal favorite songs.

Connect your music player via Bluetooth and instantly turn your P-515 into a high-quality speaker system to listen to your favorite songs through.

Typ av piano: Stagepiano

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