Omnitronic offers good audio equipment at an affordable price. The assortment ranges from DJ mixers and headphones to loudspeakers. Whether DJs in the club, musicians on stage or in the rehearsal room, restaurant or bar operators – we’d love everyone to enjoy the products with reliable quality, the latest technologies and reasonable prices.

It soon became clear after the brand was founded in 1996 that the concept of an audio brand with affordable equipment found many supporters. The introduction of the first record players was already a great success: several thousand devices were sold in the first year and the debut was a success. Since then, we at Omnitronic have constantly been working on offering audio products with a good quality at reasonable prices.
Omnitronic AZX-112A Aktiv Subwoofer
Subwoofer med inbyggt slutsteg och ställbart delnings...
4190 kr
Omnitronic Racklåda 1U
Stabil racklåda med nyckellås.
595 kr
Omnitronic Racklåda 2U
Stabil racklåda med lås, 2 höjdenheter.
899 kr
Omnitronic Racklåda 3U
Stabil racklåda med lås, 3 höjdenheter.
749 kr
Omnitronic VFM-208AP Bluetooth
Aktiv 2-vägs högtalare, liten och kompakt, med i...
1299 kr
Omnitronic VFM-212A Aktiv Högtalare
Högtalare med inbyggt slutsteg på 280W (140W RMS...
2390 kr
Omnitronic VFM-212AP Aktiv Högtalare
Högtalare med inbyggt slutsteg på 280W (140W RMS...
2590 kr
Omnitronic Z-19 Rackpanel 8x XLR [1U]
Rackpanel med 8 hål för montering av XLR kontakt...
99 kr
Omnitronic Z-19 Täckpanel 1U
Frontpanel en höjdenhet för vanlig 19" rack.
69 kr
Omnitronic Z-19 Täckpanel 2U
Frontpanel 2 höjdenheter för standard 19" rack.
89 kr