TC Electronic

TC ELECTRONIC was founded by brothers Kim and John Rishoj in the suburbs of Aarhus, Denmark. Drawing from their experience as musicians, they develop the now legendary Stereo Chorus/Flanger guitar pedal or simply – SCF. Praised for its lush tones, and a low noise level and transparent character, the now legendary SCF remained in production for 40 years and is still sought after today. After initial success with guitar effect pedals, they developed 19" rack mounted processors, including the TC2290 delay released in 1985. TC Electronic formed the current TC Group in 2002, a holding company of five individual brand companies consisting of Tannoy, TC Helicon, LabGruppen, TC Electronic och TC Applied Technologies.

TC Electronic AEON Infinite Sustainer
Kompakt och stabilt byggd, få helt nya sound ur ditt ...
995 kr
TC Electronic Bodyrez - Begagnad
Begagnad TC Bodyrez.

Alltid 3 månaders garanti p&#...
795 kr
TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus
Få tillgång till enastående TC Chorus-effek...
929 kr
TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion
Analog distortionspedal med voicing switch. Designad f...
429 kr (549 kr)
TC Electronic Fangs Metal Distortion
En helt ny serie av extremt prisvärda pedaler frå...
429 kr
TC Electronic Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb
Shimmer reverb är den av effekter som du må...
699 kr
TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion
En helt ny serie av extremt prisvärda pedaler frå...
449 kr
TC Electronic Helix Phaser
Mångsidig Phaser pedal med TonePrint teknologi.
1069 kr
TC Electronic Hyper Gravity Mini Compressor
Multibandskompressor i ett kompakt format från TC Ele...
799 kr
TC Electronic JUNE-60 Vintage Analog Chorus
JUNE-60 CHORUS is a faithful recreation of the lush chorus...
499 kr
TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler
Realistisk doublerpedal från TC Electronics i ett kom...
799 kr
TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato
TC Electronic Toneprint Shaker Vibrato Pedal Toneprint vib...
1099 kr
TC Electronic Sub 'N' Up Octaver Mini
Monofonisk oktavatorpedal från TC Electronics med inb...
995 kr
TC Electronic Voicesolo FX150 - Begagnad
Mini PA för sång och instrument. En del repor. B...
1595 kr
TC Electronics Corona Chorus - begagnad
Begagnad TC Electronic choruspedal i mycket fint skick. Or...
849 kr
TC Helicon Blender
Minimixer med syfte att kombinera upp till tre stereosigna...
1399 kr