In the late 1960s the situation for US guitar manufacturers became difficult: guitars that were made in Japan, looking very similar to US guitars, were flooding the market but at a much lower price. These guitars increasingly endangered the US manufacturers dominance on the market, and a few American companies reacted to that development in an appropriate manner: They did not take any legal steps but instead launched a counter offensive.
That’s when “Sigma Guitars” was born.

In 1970 “SIGMA”, the brandname for acoustic guitars, was launched. They were built by specially trained staff in the most efficient guitar factories in Japan and then sent to the US for inspection before being released for sale and shipping to the music stores.

Sigma 000M-15
Smallbody stålsträngad akustisk gitarr. Den lite...
4199 kr
Sigma 000MC-15E [mic]
Akustisk stålsträngad gitarr med inbyggt mikrofo...
5499 kr
Sigma DM12E [12-str] [mic]
12-strängad gitarr med solitt lock i Sitka gran och s...
3699 kr
Sigma DT-28H
Stålsträngad akustisk gitarr i klassisk Dreadnou...
5499 kr
Sigma GME [mic]
Stålsträngad akustisk gitarr med solitt lock i S...
3399 kr
Sigma GSME Grand Orchestral [mic]
Stålsträngad akustisk gitarr i lite mindre forma...
3499 kr
Sigma LM-SGE [mic]
Stålsträngad akustisk gitarr med inbyggt mikrofo...
3899 kr
Sigma OMT-28H
Stålsträngad akustisk gitarr med solitt lock i S...
5499 kr
Sigma OMTC-1E-SB [mic]
Stålsträngad akustisk gitarr med solitt lock i S...
5399 kr