Yamaha DGX-670 - Black i gruppen Klaviatur / Digitalpiano hos Musikanten i Umeå AB (1-NDGX670B)
Yamaha DGX-670 - Black
Yamaha DGX-670 - Black
Yamaha DGX-670 - Black
Yamaha DGX-670 - Black

Yamaha DGX-670 - Black

Digitalt piano med 88 vägda tangenter för en autentisk spelkänsla. DGX-670 har dessutom en massiv ljudbank med 630 ljud, samt rytmer och komp att spela till. Du kan även koppla ihop via Bluetooth för att streama din musik och använda exempelvis Yamaha's "Chord Tracker" app. Pianot har även en mikrofoningång om du vill sjunga till. Tillsammans med benställning och pedalställ blir det en väldigt stilren möbel för hemmet (köps separat).
Artnr: 1-NDGX670B
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9990 kr
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  • OBS: Benställning och pedalställ köps separat
  • Number of keys: 88
  • Keytype: GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard with matte black keytops
  • Display  type: TFT Color WQVGA LCD
  • Piano sound: Yamaha CFX
  • VRM: Yes
  • Key-off Samples: Yes
  • Smooth Release: Yes
  • Polyphony max: 256
  • Number of voices: 601 Voices + 29 Drum / SFX Kits
  • Dual: Yes
  • Split: Yes
  • Preset  Styles: 263
  • Number  preset  songs: 100
  • Transpose: -12 – 0 – +12
  • Bluetooth: Yes (Audio)
  • Headphones  jack: Standard stereo phone jack
  • Microphone  jack: Standard mono phone jack
  • AUX  in: Yes (Stereo mini jack)
  • USB  to  device: Yes
  • USB  to  host: Yes
  • Amplifiers: 6W x 2
  • Speakers: 12 cm x 2 + 5 cm x 2
From solo piano to playing with a band
The DGX-670 is a digital piano for enjoying everything from straight-ahead piano playing to playing along with other instruments. In addition to the high quality of the piano, the advanced Automatic Accompaniment Styles provide backing in a wide range of musical genres including pop, R&B, and jazz. Display sheet music to aid practice, connect to smartphones, microphones, and other equipment, and discover the many other ways to enjoy music with this feature-packed instrument.

High piano quality
Only Yamaha can offer the elite quality of the DGX-670 piano Voices. From tonal variation that responds to the player’s touch to the sympathetic resonance of grand pianos, the impressive sound represents an authentic piano-playing experience only an acoustic piano manufacturer can deliver.

Jam with the band packed into the DGX-670
The DGX-670 offers a wide range of Voices in addition to the piano, from 630 realistic-sounding instruments including electric pianos, organs, and strings, to catchy synthesized sounds. The advanced Automatic Accompaniment Styles make it possible to jam with any number of other “musicians,” from a combo to a big band. There are 263 accompaniment Styles including rock, R&B, and dance. Enjoy an experience that feels just like playing a live session in a band.

The world-class concert grand, Yamaha CFX Voice
The Yamaha flagship 9’ CFX concert grand piano, offers sparkling highs and a powerful resonant bass combined in a sound that projects to the furthest reaches of any concert hall. Enjoy every bit of that expressive control with the DGX-670.

Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)
In a grand piano, strings and sounds resonate throughout the entire body of the instrument producing a rich reverberation that envelops the listener in sound. Not only are the strings you are playing vibrating, but other strings ring as a reaction to ones you play. This is one reason the piano sound is so complex and rich.

This phenomena is reproduced perfectly in the DGX-670 through Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) which calculates the various states of the strings for each of the 88 notes on the keyboard from one instant to the next. As a result, the DGX-670 reflects the limitless number of factors inherent in playing an acoustic piano such as which keys are pressed, the strength with which the keys are played and pedal timing.

Customize your piano playing experience
Simple and intuitive controls let you choose from different piano and instrument Voices. Try the acoustics in a rehearsal room, on a stage, in a cathedral, and other venues, and experiment with how far to open the grand piano lid to gain a feel for the subtle differences in sound.

Authentic piano touch, 88-note weighted GHS keyboard
The Yamaha Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard features a weighted action with heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano. Great for the aspiring pianist, practicing on the GHS action builds the proper finger technique and strength for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic piano.

Powerful speaker system
The two-way system features round 12-cm speakers for impressive mid and bass, and a tweeter for dazzling treble. The piano sound is designed to feel immersive from the bench, and the accompaniment is optimized for impact.

The Stereophonic Optimizer—a new kind of headphone experience
When using headphones, the Stereophonic Optimizer lets players enjoy the dispersed sound heard when sitting in front of an acoustic piano. With the Stereophonic Optimizer, Voices sampled from acoustic pianos appear to come from the body of the instrument. This provides a comfortable, natural experience that removes the drawbacks of performing with headphones.
Typ av piano: Stagepiano

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